mardi 13 décembre 2016

Save the date! Energy Cities' Annual Conference - 26-28 April 2017

Energy Cities invites all energy transitioners to its Annual Conference that will be held in Stuttgart, Germany.

In 2017, Energy Cities’ Conference will be hosted by the German city of Stuttgart, well-known for its industrial activity as well as for its foresighted climate and energy policy. In a region which can be considered the birthplace of the German energy transition (Energiewende), Stuttgart will serve as a learning place on the societal, cultural, economic and technological shifts that come with the energy transition in Europe.

How fit are cities and their national governments for taking effective action towards a 2050 low-carbon roadmap ? Are they making policy choices that favour stakeholder involvement for a stronger energy democracy, transfer of competences to the local level and monetary flows towards more local and low-carbon projects ?

The 3D - Democratisation, Devolution and Divestment - vision of Energy Cities will be our key issues during the three days featuring :

  • 50 interactive sessions to question, debate and learn from peers
  • 2 inspiring talks to think big
  • 1 plenary debate focusing on the Energiewende : export hit or slow seller ?
  • 1 Mayors session to build a stronger, more local Energy Union
  • 1 storytelling by Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn and site visits to facilitate knowledge transfer

Enjoy meeting and exchanging with your peers !
Be surprised by unconventional practices !
And… take time to think out of the box !

Registration will open soon on ! Stay tuned !
Follow the event on facebook !

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Contact : Nathalie Moroge

by Blandine Pidoux on 13 décembre 2016 / 1106 visits

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Save the date! Energy Cities' Annual Conference - 26-28 April 2017
by Blandine Pidoux on 13 décembre 2016 /

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